The club committee endeavour to protect every child’s welfare who is a member of WLD JFC. Only matters of genuine child welfare should be raised to the committee by individuals. i.e physical harm of a child, verbal abuse of a child etc.

Complaints around game time, position, style of play, training methods and anything of a football nature should be addressed with the manager of your team directly. The committee does not get involved in such issues. Complaints of this nature are not child welfare problems but a matter of opinion. If you are not happy with something your manager has done and have approached them previously you are free to change clubs at any time during the season as long as all payments are up to date and your kit has been returned.

If it is the collective opinion of the majority of parents that there is a criminal or child welfare issue then these should be emailed to all of the committee. Contact details here

None of the committee will take personal phone calls or texts for any complaint. It must be emailed to the committee. The committee will discuss in their regular meetings.