Walton Le Dale Junior Football Club Constitution

(Based on the Football Association “standard Code of Rules”)


 The name of the Club shall be WALTON-LE-DALE JUNIOR FOOTBALL CLUB and it aims to run football teams consisting of players between the ages of six and sixteen years (under 7’s to under 16’s) as deemed by the committee of the club. The club shall be affiliated to the Lancashire Football Association (LFA) and shall have grounds or headquarters situated in the county of Lancashire and the club’s name and particulars shall be returned annually by the appointed date to the LFA. The receipt and affiliation number from the LFA shall be held on file by the club secretary. The object of the club is to organise football under the rules and conditions of the Football Association.

The aim of the club shall be to encourage Players and Parents/Guardians to participate in football in a sporting and self-disciplined manner. The Club shall also encourage all Players to fulfil their potential. To encourage football and sport for the enthusiastic child regardless of race, sex ability or disability.


 The members shall be:

a) The Players registered to play league and cup football, and Unregistered Players who attend training sessions.

b) The Officers of the Club.

c) The Managers and helpers for each team.


At the start of each season each player/parents and manager shall sign the clubs Code of Conduct and return the same to the secretary.


There will be no signing on fee and the amount payable by the Players for the Matches and Training sessions  is £20 per calendar month and any changes shall be decided on at the Annual general Meeting (AGM) prior to the start of the season.


The Officers of the Club shall be:

The Chairperson                                             Deputy Chairperson

Club Secretary                                                 Club Treasurer

Social Secretary                                               Training Development Officer

Sponsorship Co-ordinator                              Purchasing operator

Facilities Controller                                          Child Welfare Officer

To be elected at the AGM. Plus the honorary life President.

Additions may be necessary in the future development of the Club and to enable the Club to adapt to any changes necessary required within the Club.


The Governing body of the Club shall be the Committee comprised of the Officers of the Club and one adult member from each team run within the Club. All members are to be elected at the AGM. At the AGM, voting will be restricted to 1 vote per attending member of the Club (ie each one Parent/Guardian per player). At ordinary and emergency committee meetings the voting rights will be one per committee member including 1 per team representative.

Retiring Officers shall be eligible to become candidates for re-election without nomination. All other candidates for election as Officers or Committee Members shall be nominated in writing by two Members to the Secretary not later than 30th April in each year. Names of those nominated shall be circulated with the notice of the Annual General Meeting. In the event of there being no nomination in accordance with the foregoing for any office, nominations may be received at the AGM.

The Committee shall meet as often as necessary, but at least once a month.

Except where otherwise mentioned all communications shall be addressed to the Secretary who shall conduct the correspondence of the Committee and keep record of its proceedings.

Any Member of the Committee who cannot attend a meeting must notify the Club secretary at least 24 hours before the commencement of the meeting.


The quorum required for the Committee shall be seven of the serving Committee (including a minimum of two Officers).


This shall be held after the finish of the playing season and no later than the 15th July. The Secretary shall give 28 day’s notice of the Annual General Meeting to the members. The agenda shall be: –

Minutes of the last AGM.

Matters arising

Individual Officers Reports

Election of Officers and Committee Members

Open floor-Question to the Committee and Managers

Registration Fees for next season

Alteration of Rules, if any (of which notice has been given)

A copy of Balance Sheets, Statement of Accounts, and agenda shall be made available to all those attending the meeting or on request thereafter.

All voting shall be conducted by a show of hands, unless a ballot is demanded by at least one third of the delegates present or the Chair so decided.


The Committee shall have the power: –

To make, amend or rescind any by-law, so long as it does not contravene the Rules of the Club.

The Committee, as it may deem necessary, shall have the power to fill ad hoc vacancies that may occur.

To exercise disciplinary action when necessary.

No Committee member shall be allowed to vote on any matters directly appertaining to themselves. In the event of the voting being equal on any matter, the chair shall have the casting vote.

The Committee shall have powers to apply, act upon, and enforce the Rules of the Club and shall also have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the Club, including any not provided by the Rules.


Alterations and amendments to the rules of the Club can only be made on the vote of an Annual General Meeting or at a General Meeting specially convened for the purpose called in conformity with Rule 14. Any proposition to alter or amend the rules of the Club must be received by the Secretary 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting or General Meeting.


The Club Treasurer shall present an Annual Balance Sheet of income and expenditure to the Annual General Meeting. (No later than July 15th as rule 7a)


The Treasurer shall issue all cheques, signed by two Officers.


All expenditure greater than £20 on behalf of the Club to be approved by the Committee.


All fines incurred by players as a result of disciplinary action taken by any League/Referee shall be paid by the offending Player. Any Player wishing a personal hearing by the LFA must submit the relevant fee and correspondence to the Secretary, who will only then, on of the Player’s behalf, apply for a personal hearing.

All fines incurred by a Team Manager during the course of a season as a result of contravening a league rule will be paid by the Manager.


On receiving a requisition signed by two-thirds of the Members of the Committee, the Secretary shall convene a meeting of the Committee. The Committee may call a General Meeting at any time when it shall consider the same necessary. At least 28 days notice shall be given of all meetings under this Rule, together with an agenda of the business to be transacted at such meetings.


At the present the following members hold certificates after attending a course at a child protection workshop run by the F.A they are

Joanne Sharples
Sami Howarth                                             


 The address of the Headquarters of the Club shall be the Secretary’s address.

 The entire Club funds shall be banked with TSB Bank.

The Club colours by the start of the 2011/12 season and thereafter shall be: –

Yellow shirts but may contain Royal Blue also, Royal Blue shorts but may contain Yellow also and Yellow or Royal Blue socks.

The Managers will be appointed by invitation of the Committee, having been interviewed first for suitability.

Each Manager to be responsible for the care and well being of the Club Football Kit and any other Club property in use by his team.

All Club Members should abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct at all times.