Welcome from our Chairman.

Mark Flood - Chairman Another season over already, be it another stop-start season due to the awful weather conditions! We really appreciate your support and patience over what has been another great season for WLD JFC!

After the success and positive feedback received about last seasons presentations everyone was in full agreement that this format was the way to go again this year.  As last season each team will be eligible for the sum of £100 to celebrate as they wish.  This money is to be spent as the coaches and parents decide.  Although the presentations are much shorter than those of previous years the onus will be on the players and their season achievements rather than drawn out full evening presentations where the kids become restless and bored.

I’m happy to say the club is in a really healthy condition again this season in terms of steady growth and financial stability.  We currently have 10 active teams, a new U7’s raring to get going in the league next season and next seasons academy/U6 players already up and running.  Financially, all rising costs such as winter training, equipment, tournaments etc. have been covered yet again without the need to raise subs next season.  Unfortunately active committee members are a little thin on the ground this year so we haven’t got round to organising much in the way of fundraising.  However, plans are now in motion to expand the committee over the next few seasons so we can be more active in raising much needed funds to help grow the club further to offer more and more local kids and those from the surrounding areas the opportunity to play grassroots football now and in the future.

I would like to take the opportunity to make some thank you’s of my own.

Firstly to all the sponsors, who’s kind donations enable all out teams to smartly represent the club in their new kits, jackets etc., a big thank you to you all.

Thank you to all the players for their excellent behaviour and sportsmanship shown while representing the club this season.

Thank you to all the relatives of the players, Mums, Dads, Grandmas, Granddads, Brothers and Sisters who all turn out for matches and training sessions whatever the weather as well as your continuous support for the club and the coaches involved.

Thank you to all the managers for the time they give up every week for the training sessions, matches, paperwork, emails, telephone calls and meetings on behalf of their respective teams.

And lastly but by no means least a huge thank you to all the committee for all your hard work and time you give to keep the club running smoothly throughout the whole year.

We have enthusiastic and capable people on the committee but we really need more! The club needs a committee to function, volunteers with the enthusiasm and commitment to take the club forward in the future.  Therefore, we are going to focus to bring in some fresh faces onto the committee, various positions are open to nomination should anyone be interested.  If you would like more information about any of these roles I am happy to discuss them with you.  its a great opportunity to get more involved and have a say in the way YOUR club moves forward for your children.

Thank You!

Mark Flood.